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Product details of Bulb IP Camera Wireless CCTV Camera IP Webcam Secret Camera Spy Camera Secret CCTV Camera 360

  • 7 Days Replacement Warranty & 1 Year Service Warranty
  • Bulb Shape IP Camera
  • Can get power directly from the light holder. No wiring needed.
  • Online View: If you connect the i camera to the internet, then you can watch and control the ip camera from anywhere in th world.
  • 360 Degree Panoramic Camera: This ip camera uses fish eye lens and gives panoramic view. So you can see all sides at the same time and you do not need to rotate the camera.
  • Camera Lens: 5 Megapixel Fisheye Lens
  • Resolution: 1080P
  • Night Vision: Yes
  • Two Way Audio:You can talk and listen using the ip camera.
  • Storage Capacity: It supports maximum 64gb micro sd memory card. It can store upto 20 to 25 days recording in a 64gb memory card. Even if the memory card becomes full, it will automatically delete the oldest recordings and keep on recording.
  • Recording: It will start recording as soon as you turn on the camera and insert a micro sd memory card. For recording internet connectivity is not needed. It can record even if there is no internet.
  • Socket Type: E27
  • Spy/Hidden Camera: This camera looks like a light bulb and it has light bulb and also ip camera. You can turn on/off the light from the ip camera software. When you turn on the light,, it looks like a bulb and usually people cant tell that it is a ip cctv camera. So this camera can be used as a secret camera /spy camera/ hidden camera too.





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