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[Official] Pixel Experience Plus Android 13 ROM For Redmi Note 11 By PAIMON

<strong>PixelExperience Plus for Redmi Note 11</strong>


<strong>What is PixelExperience ?</strong>

PixelExperience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation).Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and useful features for the proper functioning of the device.

<strong>BASED ON LATEST ANDROID 13</strong>
<h2>Whats working ?</h2>


Version: 13 (Plus edition)
File name: official Pixel Exp Plus edition for whyred Android 13 by
Date: Latest
<h2><strong>DOWNLOAD-<a href=””>Pixel Exp Plus edition for Note 11 by – 1.7 GB</a></strong></h2>

– Add support for 5.10 SM8450 media component
– Fix status_bar_padding dimen
– Fix cutout dimen
– Import news acdbdata blobs from LA.VENDOR.1.0.r1-15600-WAIPIO
– Import bengal wifi overlay definition from LA.VENDOR.1.0.r1-15600-WAIPIO</code>

– Improve refresh rate and thermal profile settings layout
– Switch NFC from HIDL to AIDL
– Update audio configs from LA.VENDOR.1.0.r1-19500-WAIPIO.QSSI13.0
– Update perf configs to VENDOR.1.0.r1-16000-WAIPIO
– Update blobs to v13.0.6.0.SGCMIXM
– Remove wigig manifests
– Remove unecessary xiaomi init changes
– Remove useless micharge HAL


– Add support to C2 audio codec for bengal
– apns-conf: Update to LA.QSSI.13.0.r1-08200-qssi.0
– Build audioadsprpcd
– Build [email protected]
– Build [email protected]
– bt: Import LDAC and LHDC prebuilts
– sepolicy: Label QTI Supplicant AIDL HAL
– sepolicy: Label 1.4 drm service.clearkey
– wlan: Update to LA.VENDOR.1.0.r1-16000-WAIPIO.QSSI13.0
– media: Conditionally update to LA.VENDOR.1.0.r1-16000-WAIPIO.QSSI13.0
– perf: Conditionally update to LA.VENDOR.1.0.r1-16000-WAIPIO.QSSI13.0

msm: camera: Increase the total number of camera ID’s supported
include: v4l2-controls: Inclusion of layered intra-refresh

Android OS version: 13
Security patch level: 2023
Build author: PX Team
<a href=””>Device Source code:</a>
<a href=””>Source code</a>

<strong>Information :</strong>

ROM OS Version: Android 13

ROM Firmware Required: <strong>Cusotm Recovery , Unlocked Bootloader</strong>

Based On: AOSP

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