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Specification :
1.Interface: USB 2.0 Standard
2.Input: 75 Ohm IEC(Din) Connector
3.Output:A type USB male connect
4.Receiving frequency: FM radio: 87.5~108 MHZ
5.DAB radio: L-Band-1452960-1490624 KHZ
VHF–174928- 239200 KHZ
6.TV system: Full DVB-T and DAB compliant
7.Bandwidth: 6/7/8 MHZ auto select for DVB-T
8.Power supply: USB bus
9.Consumed power: ≤1.5W
10.Remote Control Size: Approx.8.6 X 4 X 0.6cm(L X W X H)
11.USB DVB-T Recorder Size: Approx.8.8 X 2.7 X 0.8cm(L X W X H)

1.Digital terrestrial video and radio programs recording
2.Real time digital video recording
3.Still image capture
4.Pip (picture in picture)
5.One touch channel euto-scan at 6/7/8 MHz
6.On-fly decode software technique
7.Multi-language in stallation and application program
8.Full DVB-T bandwidth reception
10.Digital TV recording and playback as DVD quality
11.Support Microsoft DAB drivers

1 X Software CD (Trial Version)
1 X USB DVB-T TV Tuner Recorder
1 X Antenn
1 X Remote Control


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